I was born in 1975 and lived until 5 years old in a house in front of a cemetery, the Soledade Cemetery in Belém do Pará, one of the oldest necropolises in the state , founded in 1850. It was a corner house and the balcony had a beautiful view to the future, and on the hot and humid nights of Belém, I took in a fresh air watching that silent and morbid landscape. I never imagined that the future of my stories would also be there.

In this house with this macabre setting, my older brothers told me scary horror stories, and fantasy mingled with reality. I still remember. a sound from a bird, O Urutau, which they said announced death, “When he sang, it was certain that people close to him would die”. It sounded like a scream of horror across the night. We listened and were already thinking ‘who is going to die’?

My father died in 1980, we moved out of the house, but those stories never left me, as if they were part of my imagination. And oddly enough, even as a child, I was not afraid, but a curiosity so great that at 8 years old, I devoured horror books, watching Coffin Joe programs hidden on television, and everything that could feed my restlessness and enthusiasm for the supernatural.

While on vacation in Goiás, at my uncle’s farm, I fed on the elders’ tales, oral history, about sacis, curupiras and headless mules, I had my favorite: The Wolfman was my anti-hero of terror , while the other kids were Super man, Spiderman, Hulk, I was the Werewolf. He knew everything about the animal, characteristics, peculiarities, legends. I was always looking for and finding that some people turned into werewolves, while anxiously waiting for my fur to grow… (lol).

I grew up and destiny took me to various places, working with Theatrer and Cinema I shared and received stories and traveled through many cities in Brazil. And now I’ve gathered all these points to write my second book of Horror Chronicles, my real and livind intention is to instigate the public on having the same curiosity and passion owneed by myself for thes rather macabre stories.

Excerpt from the book “Extraordinary horror stories across Brazil” Text and Photos: Dino Menezes (Copyright / All Rights Reserved)



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Dino Menezes

Dino Menezes

Idealizador do Projeto “Pra quem acredita em fantasmas“. Histórias de Terror baseadas em fatos reais. #cinema #literatura #fotografia #teatro